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Our Brands & Businesses

Zillow Group’s foundation of trust is powering our next chapter: to build a seamless transaction experience for every customer.

Our Brands & Businesses

In addition to the for-sale and rental listings on Zillow.com, we now buy and sell 真人网络娱乐homes directly through Zillow Offers, helping people move with less hassle and more control.

Zillow 真人网络娱乐home Loans, Zillow’s affiliated lender, provides mortgage pre-approvals and financing; Zillow Closing Services, Zillow’s affiliated title and escrow provider, offers title and closing services; and Zillow Premier Agent offers support through a trusted network of real estate professionals.

Other consumer brands include Trulia, StreetEasy, and HotPads.

Our Real Estate Software

Zillow Group provides a complementary suite of marketing software and technology solutions to help real estate professionals maximize business opportunities and connect with millions of consumers, including Mortech, dotloop and Bridge Interactive.

Our Milestones

  1. 2005 April 2

    Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink begin assembling a team to revolutionize the way people search and shop for 真人网络娱乐homes.

  2. 2006 February 8

    Zillow launches, attracting more than one million visitors within the first three days, ultimately overloading the servers and crashing the website.

  3. 2008 April 3

    Zillow launches Mortgage Marketplace, a free and transparent marketplace where borrowers can request anonymous and hassle-free mortgage loan quotes from lenders directly through Zillow.

  4. 2009 March 3

    As mortgage rates reach historic lows, Zillow's Mortgage Marketplace takes off, receiving more than 700,000 loan information requests within three months.

  5. April 29

    Zillow launches the Zillow iPhone app with dynamic map technologies, bringing data on 88 million 真人网络娱乐homes directly into users’ hands.

  6. December 15

    Zillow adds rental listings to its database, which now includes more than 90 million 真人网络娱乐homes. Buyers, sellers and renters can now search both rental 真人网络娱乐homes and 真人网络娱乐homes for sale on Zillow.

  7. 2010 April 2

    Zillow launches the iPad app, with an innovative photo-driven 真人网络娱乐home shopping experience built specifically for the iPad's multi-touch user interface.

  8. September 19

    Zillow’s first CEO, Rich Barton, becomes executive chairman of the board, and Spencer Rascoff becomes CEO of Zillow.

  9. 2011 January 13

    Zillow launches agent ratings and reviews, giving 真人网络娱乐home buyers and sellers the ability to search for and find local real estate agents based on reviews from former clients.

  10. July 19

    Zillow becomes a public company, trading on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “Z.”

  11. 2012 November 12

    Zillow acquires HotPads, expanding the size of its growing rental audience and extending the reach of its marketing tools and productivity solutions for rental professionals.

  12. 2013 August 28

    Zillow acquires StreetEasy, New York City's leading real estate marketplace.

  13. 2014 December 10

    Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff and Chief Economist Stan Humphries publish the book "Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate."

  14. 2015 February 18

    Zillow acquires Trulia and announces the formation of Zillow Group, a portfolio of the largest real estate and 真人网络娱乐home-related brands.

  15. 2017 May 22

    Zillow begins testing instant 真人网络娱乐home sales, the predecessor to Zillow Offers, in Las Vegas and Orlando. Consumer demand is strong for an easier and more certain way to sell a 真人网络娱乐home.

  16. May 24

    Zillow launches a $1 million Zestimate competition for data scientists, the largest prize pool ever to be awarded in a machine learning competition.

  17. October 26

    Zillow Group pledges $5 million in cash and in-kind contributions to address housing insecurity as part of the company’s first social impact program.

  18. 2018 April 12

    Zillow launches Zillow Offers and begins buying and selling 真人网络娱乐homes directly in the Phoenix and Las Vegas markets.

  19. October 16

    Zillow begins to add Canadian listings to its mobile app and website.

  20. October 31

    Zillow Group acquires Mortgage Lenders of America, making it possible to finance a 真人网络娱乐home directly through Zillow’s new affiliated mortgage lender.

  21. 2019 January 30

    After nearly two years of competition among more than 3,800 teams of data scientists from 91 countries, Zillow awards the $1 million Zillow Prize in the contest to improve the accuracy of the Zestimate.

  22. February 21

    Rich Barton returns as CEO of Zillow Group to lead the company’s work to transform how people move; Lloyd Frink is named Executive Chairman.

  23. April 2

    Zillow renames its affiliated lender Zillow 真人网络娱乐home Loans, allowing 真人网络娱乐home shoppers using Zillow Offers the opportunity to get financing directly from a Zillow affiliate.

  24. April 22

    Zillow launches AI-powered 3D 真人网络娱乐home Tours across the U.S. and Canada, giving millions of 真人网络娱乐home buyers and sellers access to immersive virtual 真人网络娱乐home tours.

  25. May 13

    Zillow Offers launches in its 10th market, delivering a new way for 真人网络娱乐homeowners to sell their 真人网络娱乐homes with greater convenience, control and certainty.

  26. August 20

    Zillow announces partnerships with over 250 Canadian brokerages and franchisors to display listings on Zillow.com and the Zillow mobile app.

  27. August 22

    Zillow Group releases its inaugural Sustainability Report detailing the company’s commitment to environmental, social impact and governance practices.

  28. September 23

    Zillow Offers launches in its 20th market, offering 真人网络娱乐homeowners across the country the ability to get a no-obligation cash offer for their 真人网络娱乐home.

  29. December 8

    Zillow Offers begins buying and selling 真人网络娱乐homes in Los Angeles, the nation's 2nd largest housing market.